Stella Artois cidre advert

Since last year when ad agency, Mother, launched the Stella Artois cidre advert, it has been one of my favourite adverts of all time. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I know nothing about Stella, their cider or their beer, nor do I drink either of them. I’m certainly not their target audience. But I love their approach to the campaign, from the print ads to the TV ads. Here I’ll take an in-depth look at the Stella Artois Cidre advert.

Stella Artois, a beer branded as “the wife beaters drink”, managed to create a cider that not only made the drink classy, but to a degree, the brand name of Stella too. They managed to just dig themselves out of their wife beater reputation and show that actually they had more substance than people realised.

I don’t believe the Belgian beer will ever lose its link to violence, but I think this campaign has done very well to shed a bit of light on the Stella Artois name, if only for their cider.


The campaign is hardly groundbreaking or outrageous, but I do think it’s clever. French is the second most spoken language in Belgium (the official language is Dutch). The language carries endless connotations; romance, love, sophistication, class etc… All of which we, as the viewers, associate with this campaign, whether knowingly or not. We create emotions to brands and their advertising, so we can relate to them. Whether it’s desire and want or dislike for the product or brand.

It’s so simple, by just swapping the “er” around (lets face it, that is all they did), they not only had a whole campaign idea to work with, but an endless amount of connotations which they could use to relate directly to the brand and strengthen their campaign.

I think that could possibly be why I love these adverts so much. Sometimes great advertising isn’t about breaking the boundaries of creativeness, but about using what’s already available to you and putting your stamp and your own twist on it. Exactly what Mother have done here and very successfully in my opinion.

Stella Artois Cidre advert


So they got the idea right. The second half to any successful advertising campaign is the execution, which I think Mother got perfectly. Regarding the above connotations of class and sophistication, they put a 1960′s spin on the adverts – probably one of the most classy and fashionable eras ever. Back when men wore suits on a daily basis and women wore cute, waist hugging dresses. I love everything they covered in the ads, from the filter on the film, their dress code and grooming to the background details, like the old style cameras. It gives the advert that timeless, classic feel to it, which again, is something we pass on to the product.

Advertising at its best, is all about giving the consumer an emotional attachment to the product. There is no logical rationale to buying alcohol, it has to have an emotional pull for the advertising to be successful and I think Mother got this campaign exactly right. They gave a brand with a damaged, negative reputation, a new meaning and lease of life. The beer unfortunately for Stella has its wife beating branding, which it is unlikely to shift. But the Stella Artois name at least, has finally got some stability and room for growth thanks to their cidre campaign.

Stella Artois Cidre advert

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