Mad Men infographic – how not to work

Mad Men is the TV show all advertising lovers and enthusiasts love. We have a soft spot for this show (and for Don Draper, despite all his faults) that other people just don’t seem to get.

This infographic is more than self-explanatory I should hope. I’m more than sure we all know it’s not acceptable to make sexual advances at work, to embezzle funds or throw money in a colleagues face – surely it goes without saying – so this is not the reason I’m posting this.

I saw this Mad Men infographic earlier today and it made me smile. Where I currently work, we often joke about having a Mad Men day. Where we would basically come into work in our suits / dresses, break open a bottle of scotch and spend the day drinking and talking. Of course, it is no more than a joke, because there are some things you just don’t do in the work place, but having seen this it reminded me of our discussions on it and made me laugh. So just from a personal point of view I thought I’d post this.

Mad Men infographic

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