Fallon creatives quit for 4creative

Fallon are making headlines again, (but yet again, not for their creative work), as the ad agency’s creative partners, Chris Bovill and John Allison, have quit to join Channel 4′s in-house agency, 4Creative.

Bovill and Allison, who were only recently promoted to Creative Partners, joining the management board at Fallon, created some of the agency’s most successful award winning work. From the Skoda “Cake” and “Mean Green” campaign to Fallons famous Cadbury’s work. Despite their success at the London agency, the Fallon creatives quit to head up 4Creative, taking over from Tom Tagholm, who left in March.

Fallon creatives quit for 4creative

4Creative produces all the through-the-line advertising for the TV channel, as well as work for Film4, More4 and E4, spanning digital campaigns, brand identity work, radio, ambient work and product design. So all in all, great news for 4Creative and Bovill and Allison, however more bad news for Fallon, who have had a steep descent from the prime agency position they held just a few years ago.

Fallon creatives Skoda Cake from The Inspiration Room

Fallon logo courtesy of This Is Not Advertising