Costa Coffee Heads advert

The brilliant new Costa Coffee Heads advert, following a two year advertising hiatus, by London agency Karamarama. A brilliant piece of TV advertising, one of my favourites from this year so far. Have a look to find out why and learn a bit more about the ad.

I loved this advert the moment I saw it and instantly looked online to watch it again. The TV ad, shows a number of men and women (some real Costa baristas), completely buried up to their necks in coffee beans, singing along to Kiss “I was made for loving you”. It’s fun, light hearted, a bit of fun and certainly sticks in your mind afterwards. Costa have said they believe the TV advert shows the pride its baristas have in the coffee it serves.

The campaign is Costa’s biggest advertising push to date, running across TV, print and in-store. There is also an app which lets Costa fans record themselves singing to the famous Kiss song and upload it to the brands Facebook page. Winners will get the chance to be featured in the brands next TV ad.

The singing I cringe at the thought of, I don’t envy whoever has the job of listening to them and selecting the winner. However, I think it’s a good way of getting customers (maybe even some people who aren’t customers) to interact with the brand, with a good outcome at the end. Overall I love this campaign, especially the TV advert, which is what this whole campaign is centralising around.

Although this campaign does feature elements of non-traditional advertising, such as the app and the use of Facebook, I do think this is a good example that TV advertising is not dying off. Most campaigns lately seem to want to “break the mould”, do something creative and use modern, non-traditional forms of advertising, with TV or print advertising only being used to back up the campaign. In this case, the Costa coffee heads advert is the central point of the whole campaign, with everything else revolving around it. It’s good to see creative advertising can still happen on TV.

Why not let me know what your thoughts about the campaign or the future of traditional advertising methods? Pop a comment below or give me a message on Twitter, thanks!

Costa coffee heads advert image courtesy of The Mill